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The reason to 2PM WooYoung’s injuries during recent club performance

The violent behaviour of 2PM WooYoung fans causing WooYoung to bleed on his face and arms shocked many.

2PM performed in a NB club in Seoul GangNam InGeun during the early hours of Christmas day on 25th December. With the news about their performance, fans have swamped the venus causing confusion and messy situation at the club.

And the problem happened when WooYoung was going up the stage, and fans who were trying to touch his face and arms, and hurt him with their long finger nails leaving scratches and blood stains on his face and arms.

A fan who was at the performance venue uploaded the video showing visible scratches and injuries on the left side of WooYoung’s face. His index finger was also covered in blood stains, causing many fans to worry. Blood stains were also visible on his clothes.

Member Nich Khun was seen worried and passing him tissue paper to wipe the blood stains off. And in order to have the excited fans to sit down, the members said, “For everyone and us to enjoy the performance, safety is the most important.”

Meanwhile, netizens who saw the video said, “Fans’ affection gone overboard”, “This is not affection, this is obsession”, “I’m worried about the safety of the members” etc.

S: TVDaily

The group’s performance:


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