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2PM TaecYeon and SNSD YoonA upcoming ‘lover performance’ gets many curious

The top singers will come together on 31st December for MBC Gayo DaeJun in MBC Dream Centre. There will be a variety of performances put up by the year’s most popular singers.

Some of the performance highlights:

  • 2PM TaecYeon and So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘lover performance’ – Content to the joint stage: “YoonA and TaecYeon have been talking on the phone with each other in secrecy in their waiting rooms. So, their companies have forbade them from calling each other to avoid misunderstandings. With that YoonA with the otherSNSD members had met up with 2PM members coincidentally. In the end,TaecYeon and YoonA are able to smooth out misunderstandings and love passionately with the hard work of the 2PM and SNSD members”

More under the cut.

More performance highlights:

  • Especially for group 2PM, who will be doing a performance in a 5M deep swimming pool.
  • After world star RainPark Jin Young will be having a dance battle with his students 2PM.
  • Park JungAh and Seo In Young will perform with Jewelry the group’s hit song before they leave the group for their solo careers
  • Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young will perform ‘My Ear’s Candy’

Performing artistes: KARA, After School, Park HyunBin, Tae JinAh, Son DamBi, Jewelry, MC Mong, Kim TaeWoo, f(x), SHINee, Park Jin Young, Lee SeungGi, Baek Ji Young, Choi Sori, SG Wannabe, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior, T-ara, 4Minute, 2PM, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Davichi, Shin MoonHee

The MCs to the show will be Kim GooRa, Shin JungHwan and Lee BoYoung.

The show will take place via 225-minutes long live telecast from 9.55PM on 31st December.


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