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Big Bang ‘2010 Big Show’ tickets sold out in just 5min in 1st window sales

Big Bang’s upcoming concert ‘2010 Big Show’ 1st window ticket sales is sold out in just 5 minutes, with all 12,000 seats taken up by fans.

The window opened at 8pm on 28th December on GMarket for Big Bang’s ‘2010 Big Show’, and the 12,000 seats for 29th January’s show were sold out in just 5 minutes. About 150,000 fans had logged in to get the tickets, making it a record ratio of 12.5:1 competition for the tickets, showing the great interests for Big Bang’s upcoming concert.

Especially since the Big Bang members have only been promoting solo for year 2009, and busy with their Japanese promotions, it has been quite some time since we have seen Big Bang perform as a group domestically. There is great anticipation for this concert by the whole group and in addition, the concert is said to have a strong concert branding over the past years.

The Big Bang members have also gathered together for the concert directing meetings and poster filming amidst their busy schedule preparing for the year-end shows.

It is revealed that for this concert, there will be an overhanging stage which will bring the group closer to the audience. And this is idea given by DaeSung and SeungRi personally.

The concert will take place from 29th till 31st January 2010. And the 2nd and 3rd window sales for the ticket will take place on 29th and 30th December on GMarket.


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