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Chinese netizens object to Rain’s appointment as Goodwill ambassador of SanDong province

World star Rain has attracted much objection from Chinese netizens after it was known that he was appointed the publicity ambassador for China SanDong province.

It was reported in Chinese media on 24th December that Rain was appointed the publicity ambassador for China SanDong province, also the hometown of Confucius and a province with long history and culture.

According to the report, Rain was chosen for his healthy image and also his fame in both Asia and also in Hollywood. In the report, it was said that Rain “has readily accepted the proposal from SanDong province. SanDong look forward to become one of the representative tourism spot in Asia.

But many Chinese netizens have commented, “This is not any place but Confucius’ hometown and they got a Korean to be the ambassador?”, “Even though I’m a fan of Rain, I don’t want him to be the ambassador of SanDong”, “There are many Chinese celebrities from SanDong, why choose a foreigner?” etc.

And as for the objections from the Chinese netizens, SanDong province has kept cautious with their words about their stand to it.



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