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Kang HoDong VS Yoo JaeSeok, 2PM VS Big Bang are the top 2 showdowns netizens wish to see

Netizens have chosen the 2 national MCs Kang Ho Dong and Yoo JaeSeok as the rival showdown which they wish to see the most.

Yes24 did a poll from 21st till 28th December on “Like Seol KyungGoo and Ryu SeungBeom, which is the top showdown you wish to see?” in lieu of the upcoming movie ‘No Forgiveness’ to be aired on 7th January. And the results were announced on 29th December.

A total of 1052 netizens voted and the showdown they wish to see the most is between Kang Ho Dong and Yoo JaeSeok voted at #1 with 48% votes (508).

Voted #2 is the showdown ‘2PM VS Big Bang’ with 26% votes (276). The 2 are 2 of the top boybands in Kpop.

At #3 is ‘Park ChanHo VS Lee Seung Yeop’ with 13% votes (136) and #4 is ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae VS KARA’ with 11% votes (116).


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