SBS Inkigayo to have its own magazine ‘SBS Inkigayo Magazine Take 7′

One of the best music show SBS Inkigayo will have it own ‘SBS Inkigayo Magazine Take 7′.

It was announced by SBS Contents Hub that the show will have its own magazine on 29th December. The magazine for the show, which has received good reviews for its variety of performances, will feature information, interviews and making-of to the show which many viewers are curious about.

And for the first issue of SBS Inkigayo Magazine Take 7, it will be an 80-page feature for the show from the 1st till 3rd week of December, featuring artistes like 2PM, SHINee, CL&Minji, BEAST, f(x), MBLAQ, Rainbow etc. It will be categorised into themes like Mutizen song, artistes, comeback singers, power rookies etc.

The staff to the magazine said, “This magazine will present as new direction for SBS Inkigayo which has been said to be one of the leaders of music for the masses. It will be set to be the #1 music magazine in Korea to give information about broadcast, concert news, MV filming making etc.”

The magazine will be given free to the audience attending the upcoming 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun. And starting from January 2010, it will be sold on 28th every month.


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