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2PM members’ desired CF partners and WooYoung’s little episode with Kim TaeHee revealed!

[Combined 2 articles from TVDaily] 2PM WooYoung reveals an episode with actress Kim TaeHee when they were filming for a CF together.

This was during 2PM’s interview on MBC Section TV Entertainment News aired on 1st January while the boys were filming their Coca Cola CF. When asked if he had any special episode with Kim TaeHee when they were filming the CF, WooYoung said, “Actually I said something really cozy.”

He revealed smiling, “I said ‘I shall call you noona’ and she had very readily accepted it. But after that, we did not have any scene together” showing his reluctance.

WooYoung also gave his new year greetings and wish during the interview, “I wish all the members healthy, and continue to be on stage with fans’ support. Everyone watching this, happy new year.”

2PM members also reveal the stars whom they want to film a CF together. The boys were asked with whom do they want to film a CF together and member JunHo chose Shin SaeKyung while WooYoung chose Lee NaYoung and JunSu chose Kim MinJung as their desired CF partners.

Youngest ChanSung chose MC Lee ChaeYoung and TaecYeon chose actress Ha JiWon. And lastly Nich Khun referred to the interview Kim SaeRoom, “I want to film with noona”.


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