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Kim JongMin, “My ideal type are HyunA and Goo Hara”

Coming back to the K-variety circle after 2 years, Kim JongMin picks 4Minute HyunAand KARA Goo Hara as his ideal type of woman.

Kim Jong Min was on KBS Variety Awards on 26th December when he met up with the G7 members coincidentally.

He was caught by Kim TaeWoo walking past the waiting room for G7 members backstage holding a toothbrush and toothpast in one hand. And Kim Jong Min revealed, “I would normally not miss even 1 episode of ‘Invincible Youth’.”

And when asked who is the prettiest of the 7 members, Kim JongMin said, “Not one but 2 of them. I normally like girls who can dance sexily and well.” and picked Goo Hara and HyunA.

HyunA and Goo Hara had danced in front of Kim JongMin to make him choose them as his ideal type and this had Kim JongMin blushing.



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