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Park Myung Soo speaks up, “Even though I have received proposal for song ‘Udon’, I turned it down”

Gagman Park MyungSoo speaks up about rumours of him releasing a new song ‘Udon’.

Park MyungSoo’s manager Han KyungHo said, “It is true that the song ‘NaengMyun’ for Infinite Challenge-Duet music world was given by E-Tribe. It is true that we have received proposal for the song ‘Udon’ produced by Brown Eyed Girls GaIn, but we have turned off the offer.”

The reason is that before he had received this offer, Park MyungSoo has already started work on his new album and because of the producers and investors’ participation in it, he has turned down the proposal for ‘Udon’.

Since the end of his contract with his company beginning of the year, Park MyungSoo has been promoting without a management company, but he has been active as a singer doing featuring and also given a song ‘NaengMyun’ by E-Tribe.



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