Rainbow’s shocking statement, “We are better in terms of sexiness and development as compared to KARA”

7-member female group Rainbow makes a shocking statement that they are sexier and have better development than senior group KARA.

Rainbow will be on OnGameNet ‘HanYeong’s RockYou’ to be aired on 3rd January where they will show off their youth and vitality as a girlgroup. Rainbow said, “Even though we debuted later than KARA, our average age is higher. Comparing in terms of sexiness and development (growth), we are ranked above KARA.”

It was known that KARA and Rainbow, who are both under the same entertainment company, are 2 groups with close relationships. KARA have showed up at Rainbow’s filming site to show support, and also helped monitor the group’s performance.

During the show, Rainbow also sang their song ‘Not Your Girl’ live.

The show is set to air on 3rd January at 9pm.


Additional information from another news article:

DailySports: The girls chose 2PM JunSu and WooYoung, Rain, Kim TaeWoo as the celebrities they like. While only JiSook chose So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, she revealed that when she sees TaeYeon she feels nervous.

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