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The WonderGirls to carry out their promotions in China alongside with that in the States

How will the WonderGirls carry out their promotions in China?

It has been revealed that WonderGirls will be releasing their official album in China coming mid-January 2010. And plans are that their Chinese promotions will be carried out side by side to their American promotions.

A JYP Entertainment staff said, “They will sing the Chinese versions of ‘Nobody’ and ‘Tell Me’ etc. And they will start promotions after the album release.”

Already, the WonderGirls had held their independent concert in Shanghai previously on 1st December, and has received overwhelming response and popularity. There are plans for the WonderGirls to make a name in the Chinese music market, working towards the title of a world star.

And when asked if their American activities will be put aside with their Chinese promotions, the staff said, “They will release an album in the States in February. And they wil do their best for their American promotions too.”



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