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Yang HyunSeok, “Big Bang DaeSung and TOP will have their solo album released next year”

It has been revealed that Big Bang members DaeSung and TOP will be releasing their solo albums next year.

With that, each of the 5 Big Bang members will have their own solo albums. For the past 2 years, we have seen members TaeYang, SeungRi and GDragon etc with their solo album release.

YG Entertainment’s head Yang HyunSeok, who had gone to Japan with Big Bang to attend the 51st Japan Record Awards on 30th December, said in an interview on 31st December, “With this award, it will help increase Big Bang’s popularity in Japan.”

“There are also many fans and music officials who are curious about Big Bang’s activities next year, for the first half of next year, Big Bang will focus on their Japanese promotions. And for domestic fans who have been waiting for Big Bang, for the first half of 2009, DaeSung and TOP will release their solo albums.”

According to Yang HyunSeok, TaeYang’s offline album will be released first next year. After which, DaeSung will release a new album. DaeSung is currently personally doing the producing to his own album. And also, after DaeSung’s album, TOP and SeungRi will reveal to fans their own songs in the form of minialbum or digital single release.

Yang HyunSeok said, “DaeSung is doing the music style that he likes, and we have given him the composers right for the music style to him. And DaeSung is doing his own album producing, Fans will be able to feel his own music style through the form of album single released in either full-length or minialbum format.”

“I hope that everyone will also look forward to TOP and SeungRi’s solo songs.”


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