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Lee Teuk’s new year resolution, “I’m Super Junior leader! I will protect Super Junior!”

Super Junior Lee Teuk expresses his new year resolutions as the team leader.

Lee Teuk wrote on a long post on his minihompy diary on 2nd January. He wrote, “Really happy.. And enjoyable. And I felt what was like to be happy. With my heart, I learnt.. the ways to wait and endure. With all this, I’ve matured much.”

Even though last Super Junior had taken the Kpop and Asian music scene by storm with their hit songs like ‘Sorry Sorry’, the group faced with several crises like member KangIn in assault and DUI incident, and then recently HanKyung has reportedly filed for lawsuit against SM Entertainment for contract termination.

Lee Teuk wrote, “I’m Super Junior’s leader. Through the many happenings, I am still giving off the feeling of being. Now I would want to show substance instead of for the sake of showing.. Even though they say I have fulfilled everything as a singer.. I’m still hungry.. It still felt like I am a newcomer who debuted yesterday.. I always say that right?.. That I would show..2010..I will show it..I still have so much I want to show and have yet shown..”

He added, “I will protect Super Junior.. I’m Super Junior no matter what others say.. ELF.. Feeling the truth of the world, let’s try and start walking slowly? I don’t believe in END but AND. Love and love.” relaying his gratitude and sorry to fans with the responsibilities as the leader of Super Junior.

Fans who saw the post commented, “I believe in you, oppa”, “No matter what others say we are the truth”, “I’m waiting for the stage with all 13 members”, “I don’t believe in END but AND, I will protect” etc.



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  1. im an E.L.F and i will never stop supporting super junior !

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