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Netizens are fancinated with Nich Khun-Son YeJin’s resemblance

Photos comparing 2PM Nich Khun and actress Son YeJin’s appearances revealed online have been the topic amongst netizens.

On one internet site, photos uploaded to compare the resemblance between Nich Khun and Son YeJin have given many netizens much entertainment. The title to the post written by the particular netizens was title ‘There is Son YeJin in Nich Khun‘.

Go under the cut for more photos.

The photos used for comparison have shown the 2’s resemblance even in their hairstyles.

There was even a composite photos of the 2 celebrities’ face posted up to show their lookalike.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “They really look alike”, “Nich Khun is prettier!”, “Oh, what is this!”, “I didn’t think so when I read the title but after seeing the photos I think they look alike” etc

S:TVDaily, Kbites


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