Big Bang TaeYang reveals DaeSung’s secrets on SBS Strong Heart

Big Bang TaeYang reveals that follow member DaeSung carries many secrets.

The 2 were on SBS Strong Heart aired on 5th January when TaeYang said, “DaeSung has many secrets. I have never seen him gone to the toilet. Even though we are roommates for 4 years, I’ve never heard any sound of water flowing from him in the toilet before.”

With that Kang Ho Dong asked, “Not once when you heard him let out gas?” andTaeYang replied, “Not once I’ve heard him fart”. And DaeSung gave a comical reply, “I’m like a heavenly celebrity.”

KARA Park GyuRi then said, “I understand DaeSung. There are people who anticipated that from me. So to fulfil the anticipation, I go the bathroom just to wash my hands.”


TaeYang reveals that, “There was once when Yang HyunSeok likened us to a tree. TaeYang and DaeSung are trees which receive great rainfall and have deep roots, growing well.”

According to TaeYang, Yang HyunSeok also liken GDragon to a rich and beautiful tree which requires trimming once in a while and TOP is a tree which is handsome even though the appearance maybe a little weird.

And regarding youngest SeungRi, Yang HyunSeok was quoted saying, “You have many twigs. The gardener has always to wait by your side. If the gardener do not watch and wait continuously, he won’t know which way the twigs will grow.”


TaeYang reveals his first impression of DaeSung.

There has always been talks about how DaeSung is about the capabilities rather than the looks in the group.

He said, “When I first saw DaeSung, I thought he was really musically capable. I thought of him as a friend who see music as an end, and that he was a music genius.”


Sources: Newsen


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