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Park JinYoung picks WooYoung as the most anticipated 2PM member

Park JinYoung has stated that out of all the members of group 2PMWooYoung is the member he anticipates the most.

On the 5th at KBS 2TV’s ‘Sweet Night,’ he asked the question “Who do you anticipate the most out of 2PM?” He answered with “WooYoung. He has so much room to grow. He currently hasn’t even show half of his skills and talents. I don’t think he knows just how good he is in dancing and singing.”

When asked the question “Which member exceeded your expectations?” He answered with “Nich KhunNich Khun originally wasn’t trained to become a singer. I was worried as to whether he’d be able to dance and sing but I don’t anymore.”

Regarding his nickname ‘Rice Cake Gorilla,’ JYP explained “Living in America, I’d eat only Korean food. Naturally, I ate a lot of rice cakes and it was shown on photos a lot. However, I don’t eat that much.”

C:MYDAILY; hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY


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