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Seo In Young and Park JungAh for last performance with Jewelry on 10th Jan

Park JungAh and Seo In Young will have their last and goodbye stage with Jewelry on 10th January.

This period of album promotions will be the last for the 2 before they will leave the group for their solo careers, and coming 10th January on SBS Inkigayo they will officially end their activities as part of Jewelry.

According to a Star Empire staff on 6th January, “Park JungAh and Seo In Young will leave Jewelry after this week’s broadcast performance. Since it is their last performance as Jewelry, they are preparing a memorable performance for fans.”

There are plans for Park JungAh and Seo In Young, who have been in Jewelry for the past 9 and 8 years respectively, will have their solo career after this. They will continue to show their affection for their junior Jewelry members, and new members will be added to the group for the birth of ‘new’ Jewelry.



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