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ZE:A debuts with song ‘Mazeltov’, collaboration with Sony and Warner Music before debut

New 9-member group ZE:A is said to have received “lovecalls” from worldknown music companies even before their debut.

The group released their debut song ‘Mazeltov’ on 7th January together with their first minialbum ‘Nativity’. And it has been known that they have signed up with Sony Music and Warner Music and will advance into 9 Asian countries.

Warner Music will be in charge of their promotions in Taiwan, HongKong, China, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines, while they will be doing showcases and album release in countries like Thailand and Singapore etc under Sony Music. This is news for a newcomer group who has not even officially debuted.

Sony and Warner Music staff reveals that the members’ dance and vocal capabilties and good looks, they will be able succeed even outside Korea.


Meanwhile, here’s their minialbum:

YAY for Indonesian~!


One Response

  1. & YAYY FOR SINGAPORE~ ^^ Please give them much love everyone!! They have worked really hard for this! ZE:A FIGHTING!!! <333

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