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GDragon fanpage members submit petition to prosecutor office, 2nd and 3rd petition coming up

Amidst news that Big Bang GDragon will be charged for violating the Youth Protection Act with some of his performances during his solo concert, it was known that 1000 GDragon’s fans has handed up a petition to the prosecutors.

GDragon’s fan page Kwon JiYoung Supporters is known to have handed up a petition with signature from 1000 fans to the Seoul District Prosecutor Office after news went out about GDragon’s case recently.

It is known through an announcement posted on GDragon Supporters on 21st December, “The first petition with 1000 signatures have been handed up to the prosecutor office directly. Ahead we are preparing for the 2nd and 3rd petitions.”

The fanpage also wrote, “We will also be sending out petitions to YG Entertainment and GDragon with 2000 signatures. We hope that we can get them to see the heart and sentiments of us many and also that of the artiste himself.”

They also added, “Instead of waiting for the case to be over, we want to relay the right meanings and sentiments. It is like a precious present as compared to just showing support, to relay the enthusiasm and also the subjectivity of the case.”



One Response

  1. i love gd and this is just foolish there are so much worse out there and tell me directly that the girls didnt like it…otherwise they wouldnt be at the gd concert right? they “loved” gd and this is what you call not true fans! this is bs they are just looking for a way to get some money out of poor gd…do you really want to see gd in jail? cuz i dont…loser so called fangirls

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