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SNSD YoonA, “I want to get married and live like Sean-Jung HyeYeong couple”

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA reveals that, “My top life goal is to get a normal marriage and live being loved.”

So Nyeo Shi Dae participated in the recent filming of MTV ‘Girls On Top 2′ and the girls talked about marriages, complex and lifestyle, their dreams as women and not as girls.

YoonA was recently given a nickname of ‘elementary school boy’ by netizens and she voiced, “Do I really look like an elementary school kid, I want to be a woman”.

And talking about marriage, she said, “I thought of Sean and Jung HyeYeong as the ideal couple. My top life goal and dream is to get married and live like them. My ideal type of guy is one whose appearance is sweet but manly.”

Meanwhile, YoonA, who is the dream girl of many men, has also bodyparts which she does not want to show. She said, “Because my feet are not small and pretty like girl’s feet, I don’t like to go around barefootdd.”

The episode of Girl On Top 2 featuring the So Nyeo Shi Dae girls will be aired in 2 parts on 8th and 16th January.



One Response

  1. what a sweet girl i think she is so beautiful and humble and she deserve the best
    i heard in one time that her ideal man is lee Seung GI

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