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Super Junior ShinDong’s scary blonde hair transformation, not?

Super Junior ShinDong recently reveals photos of himself with a new blonde hairstyle.

And the blonde hairstyle was a scary transformation….

…. not really.

In fact he looks pretty good in it, except for that one photo he decided to play ghost with Kim ShinYeong for ShimShimTaPa photos.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “If he really slims down, he would look so good. While for me, I am one who don’t look good even if I slim down”
  • “Why he is so cute”
  • “If he lose weight, he will be one hella hot guy”
  • “I hope someone will do phoshop and show us the ShinDong who slims down”
  • “He looks like Noh HongChul a little in some photos”
  • “He looks like he lost some weight recently”
  • “He knows his camera angles well”

*** For those who may be interested, ShinDong has been updating on his Twitter lately! (: With the photos!



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