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ZE:A will promote as ‘Children Of Empire’ after same-name controversy

9-member rookie boyband ZE:A will promote as ‘Children of Empire‘ with their debut amidst the same-name controversy with Brown Eyed Girls member JeA.

Star Empire Entertainment announced on 8th January, “The group name is confirmed as ZE:A, but it will be read as ‘Jae-Kook-Eu-Ah-Deul (Children Of Empire)’ instead of ‘Je-Ah’.”

Recently,there has been some issues with the same-name controversy as Brown Eyed Girls member JeA. Pronounciation of JeA and ZE:A are the same in Korean.

Already before their debut, the group has cause a topic after it was known that they have signed up with Warner Music Chinese Mandarin Group and Sony Music to aid them in their Asian promotions.

A Star Empire staff revealed that they hope that more focus should be placed on the group’s music and not on issues like that since the group took a long period of time to prepare for their debut, they also want to relay to Brown Eyed Girls fans that they do respect the fans’ opinion on the same-name issue.

Meanwhile, ZE:A released their debut song ‘Mazeltov’ on 7th January and will be having their first official showcase on 13th January.



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