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ZE:A for Pantech’s SKY Jamband CF!

In the TVC (TV Commercial) we get to see how the boys promote the feature inside Sky Jamband mobile phone.

Related to that, the boys even showed us 10 ways to enjoy the feature inside the phone!

So spazz them via this CF before they held their first showcase on Jan 13,2010!


More tease to 2PM’s upcoming Cass Beer CF with Yoon EunHye

A fresh batch of photos of 2PM’s upcoming Cass beer CF with actress Yoon EunHyehave been revealed.

With this, we will most probably be in for a CF with TaecYeon and Nich Khun as the main character alongside Yoon EunHye.

More eye candies under the cut.

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2PM Nich Khun and Yoon EunHye for upcoming Cass beer CF

Still cuts of actress Yoon EunHye and 2PM Nich Khun filming for an upcoming CF revealed has attracted much attention from fans and netizens.

It is known that the 2 had recently come together to film for the CF of a beer brand. The CF is filmed in a club and features the 2 attracted to each other and doing a sexy dance.

A staff to the CF said, “The dance scene catch the attention of males. And Yoon Eun Hye is seen with mini one-piece and a sexy club look.” While Nich Khun is seen with smoke make up, dumping his usual cute image, transforming into sexy guy for the CF.
The CF will be revealed early January.

S: MoneyToday

FYI the CF is for Cass beer

Here’s fanvid to their photoshoot


Everybody wants some 2PM! Now they go for Coca Cola!

After endorsing a cake brand and doing a mobile phone Ad, 2PM gets another CF ‘lovecall’ from giant beverage company Coca Cola. Through a recent fancam we get to see a bit of 2PM Coca Cola shooting.

Love it or not?

Kim Yuna and SS501 Kim HyunJoong are 2009 Top CF Model!

Figure Skater Kim Yuna and SS501 Kim HyunJoong are chosen as 2009 Top CF Model!

Go under the cut to find out more!

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2PM the next endorser for Cass beer?

Bluechip of the advertising world, 2PM, is the next endorser for Cass beer?

It has been known that the group has been up filming for the CF for the product with actress Yoon EunHye recently. And members Nich Khun and TaecYeon will play as the main characters to the CF.

Also go under the cut for fancam to the filming.

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MV teaser to 2PM’s CM song ‘Color’ released!

The MV teaser to 2PM’s CM song ‘Color’ for Samsung Anycall Corby has been unveiled. The song was released 2nd December.

Love it or not?