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‘GaIn♥Jo Kwon’ is also popular in Singapore!

MBC We Got Married made-believe couple Jo Kwon and GaIn is said to have quite a following crowd in Singapore.

On MBC We Got Married episode aired on 9th January, GaIn was featured returning to Korea from her trip to Singapore for Brown Eyed Girls‘ public performance.

She said after meeting Jo Kwon for filming, “I went to Singapore for Brown Eyed Girls‘ public performance and wherever I go I see the placards with ‘GaInJo Kwon‘ written on them.” She also received a fan with the words ‘Jo KwonGaIn‘ from a fan in Singapore.

GaIn added, “It was a happy thing that there are people who follow us in Singapore.”

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Ahead of comeback, Jo Kwon to have duet stage with GaIn with ‘We Fell In Love’

Ahead of singer comeback, 2AM leader Jo Kwon will take the stage with Brown Eyed Girls GaIn for duet performance.

Coming 9th January on MBC Music Core, the 2 will be performing their duet ‘We Fell In Love’. The duet song talks about their sweet love story for MBC We Got Married where they played made-believe couple. Even though there was no promotions for the song, it has gone up to #1 on music charts after it was released.

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2AM and 2PM’s ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’ parody mistaken as homosexual video in the Netherlands

It has been known that ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’ parody done by 2PM TaecYeonChanSung, WooYoung and 2AM JoKwon and Im SeulOng has been mistaken as a homosexual video in Netherlands.

The group did the parody of Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ for Mnet Wild Bunny, and was said to be one comical MV enjoyed by fans. But recently, the video was mistaken as a Chinese homosexual video after it was uploaded on a Dutch video site DePers on 4th January, and the title to the video was ‘Taboo in China’.

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‘Adam Couple’ Jo Kwon and GaIn for some Titance love

Brown Eyed Girls GaIn and 2AM Jo Kwon do the Titanic love.

The 2 were on MBC FM4U ‘ShinDong Kim ShinYeong’s ShimShimTapa’ show recently and revealed their duet ‘We Fell In Love’ on the show. The two have been appearing MBC We Got Married as made-believe couples and have earned much love from fans and also the nickname of ‘Adam Couple’.

The 2 had performed the song live on the show. They were asked their favourite Titanic pose and to act it out.

More photos under the cut.

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Jo Kwon shows off his dramatic English once more!

2AM Jo Kwon was seen showing his dramatic English once again on SBS Star King aired on 2nd January.

And no, Kang Ho Dong’s perfect English with ‘Calm down’ won’t even do the trick.

JoKwon’s shocking statement, “I’ve thought about…”

JoKwon confesses his true feeling about his “wife” GaIn. During a recent interview,2AM JoKwon reveals a shocking statement that caused some of the netizens to start hoping.

When everyone started to tell him that he and GaIn matched very well, he stated in a recent interview, “I’ve thought about going out with GaIn noona seriously” confessing his actual mind.

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SS501 Kim HyunJoong is #1 for “Male Idol Star who shines in Hanbok”!

A poll followed by 300 voter is recently conducted by hanbokrent.kr, hanbok.us, hanvok.com and embrain.com.

The poll was held in the month of December 2009 under the category “Male Idol Star who shines in Hanbok”!

SS501 Kim HyunJoong wins the poll with 46.8% followed by Big Bang Daesung(21.1%) and 2PM Nichkhun (17.7%).

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