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Park Jin Young reveals a embarrassing episode with 2PM Nich Khun

Singer Park Jin Young reveals a little episode of embarrassment from 2PM memberNich Khun.

He took part in the recent filming session of KBS ‘Sweet Night’ when he revealed, “I’m envious of 2PM’s popularity. There was once when I got to meet up with fans coincidentally when I do performances with 2PM. The fans told me cooling ‘For us, oppa is cooler than 2PM‘. Just then Nich Khun appeared, and the fans said ‘That’sNich Khun‘ and ran off to him.”

Park Jin Young then revealed smiling, “As singers, I am really envious of him.”

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Park JinYoung picks WooYoung as the most anticipated 2PM member

Park JinYoung has stated that out of all the members of group 2PMWooYoung is the member he anticipates the most.

On the 5th at KBS 2TV’s ‘Sweet Night,’ he asked the question “Who do you anticipate the most out of 2PM?” He answered with “WooYoung. He has so much room to grow. He currently hasn’t even show half of his skills and talents. I don’t think he knows just how good he is in dancing and singing.”

When asked the question “Which member exceeded your expectations?” He answered with “Nich KhunNich Khun originally wasn’t trained to become a singer. I was worried as to whether he’d be able to dance and sing but I don’t anymore.”

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More tease to 2PM’s upcoming Cass Beer CF with Yoon EunHye

A fresh batch of photos of 2PM’s upcoming Cass beer CF with actress Yoon EunHyehave been revealed.

With this, we will most probably be in for a CF with TaecYeon and Nich Khun as the main character alongside Yoon EunHye.

More eye candies under the cut.

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Netizens are fancinated with Nich Khun-Son YeJin’s resemblance

Photos comparing 2PM Nich Khun and actress Son YeJin’s appearances revealed online have been the topic amongst netizens.

On one internet site, photos uploaded to compare the resemblance between Nich Khun and Son YeJin have given many netizens much entertainment. The title to the post written by the particular netizens was title ‘There is Son YeJin in Nich Khun‘.

Go under the cut for more photos.

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2PM members’ desired CF partners and WooYoung’s little episode with Kim TaeHee revealed!

[Combined 2 articles from TVDaily] 2PM WooYoung reveals an episode with actress Kim TaeHee when they were filming for a CF together.

This was during 2PM’s interview on MBC Section TV Entertainment News aired on 1st January while the boys were filming their Coca Cola CF. When asked if he had any special episode with Kim TaeHee when they were filming the CF, WooYoung said, “Actually I said something really cozy.”

He revealed smiling, “I said ‘I shall call you noona’ and she had very readily accepted it. But after that, we did not have any scene together” showing his reluctance.

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SS501 Kim HyunJoong is #1 for “Male Idol Star who shines in Hanbok”!

A poll followed by 300 voter is recently conducted by hanbokrent.kr, hanbok.us, hanvok.com and embrain.com.

The poll was held in the month of December 2009 under the category “Male Idol Star who shines in Hanbok”!

SS501 Kim HyunJoong wins the poll with 46.8% followed by Big Bang Daesung(21.1%) and 2PM Nichkhun (17.7%).

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After Yoon EunHye, Nich Khun will collaborate with Lee BoYoung for duet performance on MBC Gayo Festival

It is revealed that 2PM Nich Khun will be performng the duet ‘Way Back Into Love’, OST off movie ‘Music and Lyrics’, with MC Lee BoYoung for MBC Gayo Festival on 31st December.

Nich Khun
and Lee BoYoung will both put aside their image as ‘beastly’ idol and actress respectively and transformed into a pair of romantic couple for a fantasy harmony. In addition, it is known that Nich Khun will be playing on the piano for the performance.

This is the 2nd collaboration with actress after his collaboration with actress Yoon EunHye for the ‘BooBi BooBi’ dance for their upcoming beer CF.

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