Rain playing on his mobile phone, taking the subway!

A photo of Rain taking the subway and playing games on his mobile phone has been the topic amongst netizens.

The photo was uploaded on G.O of MBLAQ, group groomed by Rain himself, on his minihompy on 6th January.

The title of his minihompy diary post was ‘Unforgettable experience’, and G.O also wrote “Hyung, please stop playing GoStop”, and the post was enjoyed by many fans who visited his minihompy.

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Rainbow’s shocking statement, “We are better in terms of sexiness and development as compared to KARA”

7-member female group Rainbow makes a shocking statement that they are sexier and have better development than senior group KARA.

Rainbow will be on OnGameNet ‘HanYeong’s RockYou’ to be aired on 3rd January where they will show off their youth and vitality as a girlgroup. Rainbow said, “Even though we debuted later than KARA, our average age is higher. Comparing in terms of sexiness and development (growth), we are ranked above KARA.”

It was known that KARA and Rainbow, who are both under the same entertainment company, are 2 groups with close relationships. KARA have showed up at Rainbow’s filming site to show support, and also helped monitor the group’s performance.

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Chinese netizens object to Rain’s appointment as Goodwill ambassador of SanDong province

World star Rain has attracted much objection from Chinese netizens after it was known that he was appointed the publicity ambassador for China SanDong province.

It was reported in Chinese media on 24th December that Rain was appointed the publicity ambassador for China SanDong province, also the hometown of Confucius and a province with long history and culture.

According to the report, Rain was chosen for his healthy image and also his fame in both Asia and also in Hollywood. In the report, it was said that Rain “has readily accepted the proposal from SanDong province. SanDong look forward to become one of the representative tourism spot in Asia.

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2PM TaecYeon and SNSD YoonA upcoming ‘lover performance’ gets many curious

The top singers will come together on 31st December for MBC Gayo DaeJun in MBC Dream Centre. There will be a variety of performances put up by the year’s most popular singers.

Some of the performance highlights:

  • 2PM TaecYeon and So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘lover performance’ – Content to the joint stage: “YoonA and TaecYeon have been talking on the phone with each other in secrecy in their waiting rooms. So, their companies have forbade them from calling each other to avoid misunderstandings. With that YoonA with the otherSNSD members had met up with 2PM members coincidentally. In the end,TaecYeon and YoonA are able to smooth out misunderstandings and love passionately with the hard work of the 2PM and SNSD members”

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So Nyeo Shi Dae voted #1 by netizens for “Singer who is most likely to succeed in the States”

So Nyeo Shi Dae has been voted as the #1 singers whom netizen think will succeed in the States.

According to the poll results posted by Bugs music site on 25th December, So Nyeo Shi Dae was voted by 1768 netizens out of 6146 who participated in the poll “Singers who is most likely to succeed in the States”, which is 28.77% of the votes.

Netizens’ comments are, “Since the group is 9 members, it seems they can pull off any concept, so long the production is good they would get good achievements.”

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Fun Fact Of Kpop: Rain and f(x) Krystal’s little collaboration?

It has been known recently that of her various broadcast and CF appearances before debut, f(x) Krystal has also appeared in one of Rain’s MVs.

Rain’s ‘Still Believe’ MV released in 2006 is known to feature singer-producer Park JinYoung, but now we know it had also featured the young star in the making –Krystal!

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Rain to hold concert performances in the States after 3 years on 24th and 25th Dec

World star Rain will be having his independent concert in Las Vegas, America after 3 years.

Coming 24th and 25th December, he will be holding concert performance sin America Las Vegas Caesars Palace Hotel Colosseum. Rain will be performing his own hit songs in front of a 3000-strong audience crowd during the concert.

A staff revealed on 22nd Dec, “Rain has boarded the plane heading to Las Vegas on 21st December and he will be holding concert performances there on 24th and 25th December.”

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