2AM and 2PM’s ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’ parody mistaken as homosexual video in the Netherlands

It has been known that ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’ parody done by 2PM TaecYeonChanSung, WooYoung and 2AM JoKwon and Im SeulOng has been mistaken as a homosexual video in Netherlands.

The group did the parody of Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ for Mnet Wild Bunny, and was said to be one comical MV enjoyed by fans. But recently, the video was mistaken as a Chinese homosexual video after it was uploaded on a Dutch video site DePers on 4th January, and the title to the video was ‘Taboo in China’.

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Park JinYoung picks WooYoung as the most anticipated 2PM member

Park JinYoung has stated that out of all the members of group 2PMWooYoung is the member he anticipates the most.

On the 5th at KBS 2TV’s ‘Sweet Night,’ he asked the question “Who do you anticipate the most out of 2PM?” He answered with “WooYoung. He has so much room to grow. He currently hasn’t even show half of his skills and talents. I don’t think he knows just how good he is in dancing and singing.”

When asked the question “Which member exceeded your expectations?” He answered with “Nich KhunNich Khun originally wasn’t trained to become a singer. I was worried as to whether he’d be able to dance and sing but I don’t anymore.”

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SNSD Tiffany and 2PM WooYoung’s ‘love line’?

Fancams, fan-taken photos of 2PM WooYoung and So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany during 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun on 31st December have been hot interests amongst netizens.

The 2 idol members have seem very close to each other, and netizens think they spot another celebrity ‘love line’.

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2PM members’ desired CF partners and WooYoung’s little episode with Kim TaeHee revealed!

[Combined 2 articles from TVDaily] 2PM WooYoung reveals an episode with actress Kim TaeHee when they were filming for a CF together.

This was during 2PM’s interview on MBC Section TV Entertainment News aired on 1st January while the boys were filming their Coca Cola CF. When asked if he had any special episode with Kim TaeHee when they were filming the CF, WooYoung said, “Actually I said something really cozy.”

He revealed smiling, “I said ‘I shall call you noona’ and she had very readily accepted it. But after that, we did not have any scene together” showing his reluctance.

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Rainbow’s shocking statement, “We are better in terms of sexiness and development as compared to KARA”

7-member female group Rainbow makes a shocking statement that they are sexier and have better development than senior group KARA.

Rainbow will be on OnGameNet ‘HanYeong’s RockYou’ to be aired on 3rd January where they will show off their youth and vitality as a girlgroup. Rainbow said, “Even though we debuted later than KARA, our average age is higher. Comparing in terms of sexiness and development (growth), we are ranked above KARA.”

It was known that KARA and Rainbow, who are both under the same entertainment company, are 2 groups with close relationships. KARA have showed up at Rainbow’s filming site to show support, and also helped monitor the group’s performance.

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The reason to 2PM WooYoung’s injuries during recent club performance

The violent behaviour of 2PM WooYoung fans causing WooYoung to bleed on his face and arms shocked many.

2PM performed in a NB club in Seoul GangNam InGeun during the early hours of Christmas day on 25th December. With the news about their performance, fans have swamped the venus causing confusion and messy situation at the club.

And the problem happened when WooYoung was going up the stage, and fans who were trying to touch his face and arms, and hurt him with their long finger nails leaving scratches and blood stains on his face and arms.

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Lee ByungHun VS WooYoung – who wore it better? Netizens think WooYoung wore it better

Lee ByungHun of drama ‘IRIS’ and 2PM WooYoung were seen wearing the same knitted cardigan.

The photos comparing the 2 in the same cardigan was posted up on an internet discussion board.

There were netizens who commented on the cardigan on Lee ByungHun, who has shown his good physical build through his latest drama ‘IRIS’, “He’s Lee ByungHun after all”. And in the photo, he can be seen with his trademark smile, and his whole image more matured looking as compared to 2PM WooYoung.

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