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ZE:A for Pantech’s SKY Jamband CF!

In the TVC (TV Commercial) we get to see how the boys promote the feature inside Sky Jamband mobile phone.

Related to that, the boys even showed us 10 ways to enjoy the feature inside the phone!

So spazz them via this CF before they held their first showcase on Jan 13,2010!


ZE:A will promote as ‘Children Of Empire’ after same-name controversy

9-member rookie boyband ZE:A will promote as ‘Children of Empire‘ with their debut amidst the same-name controversy with Brown Eyed Girls member JeA.

Star Empire Entertainment announced on 8th January, “The group name is confirmed as ZE:A, but it will be read as ‘Jae-Kook-Eu-Ah-Deul (Children Of Empire)’ instead of ‘Je-Ah’.”

Recently,there has been some issues with the same-name controversy as Brown Eyed Girls member JeA. Pronounciation of JeA and ZE:A are the same in Korean.

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ZE:A reveals ‘Mazeltov’ MV!

Newcomer boyband ZE:A reveals the MV to their debut title song ‘Mazeltov’ off their first minialbum ‘Nativity’ on 7th January!

They will join the ‘rival’ with the other rookie boybands like BEAST, MBLAQ and F.Cuz in the Kpop world.

Love it or not?

ZE:A debuts with song ‘Mazeltov’, collaboration with Sony and Warner Music before debut

New 9-member group ZE:A is said to have received “lovecalls” from worldknown music companies even before their debut.

The group released their debut song ‘Mazeltov’ on 7th January together with their first minialbum ‘Nativity’. And it has been known that they have signed up with Sony Music and Warner Music and will advance into 9 Asian countries.

Warner Music will be in charge of their promotions in Taiwan, HongKong, China, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines, while they will be doing showcases and album release in countries like Thailand and Singapore etc under Sony Music. This is news for a newcomer group who has not even officially debuted.

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ZE:A MV Teaser is Out!

ZE:A debut on January 7,2010 is around the corner and this new boy group can’t help to tease you as they reveal their MV Teaser today!

Different from other group who shows off their dancing or singing cuts in the teaser,ZE:A shows a different way to attract people’s attention!

The group will officially launch their debut on the 7th by releasing the full music video as well as their album. They will begin their activities with their title song, Mazeltov – a Hebrew phrase (yes, Hebrew) meaning “good luck” or “congratulations”

BEG JeA fans are angry, “Child Of Empire is ZE:A? Change the name”

There has been some disagreement between the same names of Brown Eyed Girls Jea (제아) and upcoming 9-member group ZE:A (제아).

ZE:A is the name of an upcoming 9-member group previously known as Child Of Empire under Star Empire Entertainment. The group has revealed some album jacket photos on 28th December and will be releasing their debut album on 7th January.

But this has met with some strong protest from Brown Eyed Girls JeA’s fans. The reason is that they have the same name (in Korean that is). And it has been known that the fans have been calling up Star Empire to ask about the same-name issue.

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[Profile] Get to know upcoming boyband ZE:A!

As reported earlier, upcoming boyband ZE:A from Star Empire Entertainment was previously known as Child Of Empire.

But with their upcoming debut, Star Empire decided to use a shorter name ZE:A for this 9 members group. (ZE:A is from JeA – JeKook Eui AiDeul or Child of Empire)

Curious about each member? Go under the cut for the members’ profile and also more jacket photos revealed!

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