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‘GaIn♥Jo Kwon’ is also popular in Singapore!

MBC We Got Married made-believe couple Jo Kwon and GaIn is said to have quite a following crowd in Singapore.

On MBC We Got Married episode aired on 9th January, GaIn was featured returning to Korea from her trip to Singapore for Brown Eyed Girls‘ public performance.

She said after meeting Jo Kwon for filming, “I went to Singapore for Brown Eyed Girls‘ public performance and wherever I go I see the placards with ‘GaInJo Kwon‘ written on them.” She also received a fan with the words ‘Jo KwonGaIn‘ from a fan in Singapore.

GaIn added, “It was a happy thing that there are people who follow us in Singapore.”

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Park Jin Young reveals a embarrassing episode with 2PM Nich Khun

Singer Park Jin Young reveals a little episode of embarrassment from 2PM memberNich Khun.

He took part in the recent filming session of KBS ‘Sweet Night’ when he revealed, “I’m envious of 2PM’s popularity. There was once when I got to meet up with fans coincidentally when I do performances with 2PM. The fans told me cooling ‘For us, oppa is cooler than 2PM‘. Just then Nich Khun appeared, and the fans said ‘That’sNich Khun‘ and ran off to him.”

Park Jin Young then revealed smiling, “As singers, I am really envious of him.”

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Park Jin Young sings praises of the Brown Eyed Girls

Producer singer Park Jin Young sings praises of group Brown Eyed Girls.

Park Jin Young was on KBS Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook aired on 8th January when he was asked by MC Yoo HeeYeol, “Is there any song released in 2009 that you are addicted to?” and Park Jin Young revealed ‘Abracadabra’ by the Brown Eyed Girls.

He said, “I like their dance and they are really good singers.” and he was asked if there are song he is envious of, and Park Jin Young answered, “Many”.

JYP said, “When I listened to Yoo HeeYeol’s ‘Warm Greetings’, I was shocked and I thought “He really did well”. I thought it is good that there is no interests in trend.” AndYoo HeeYeol joked, “Wow, so I should join JYP Ent too.”

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Rookie female group Rainbow does 2PM’s Heartbeat !

A video of Rainbow members doing 2PM’s Heartbeat in their waiting room is on youtube.

2PM is indeed receiving many supports (read:love) for their single ‘Heartbeat’ and their junior Rainbow is no exception!

SNSD YoonA, “I want to get married and live like Sean-Jung HyeYeong couple”

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA reveals that, “My top life goal is to get a normal marriage and live being loved.”

So Nyeo Shi Dae participated in the recent filming of MTV ‘Girls On Top 2′ and the girls talked about marriages, complex and lifestyle, their dreams as women and not as girls.

YoonA was recently given a nickname of ‘elementary school boy’ by netizens and she voiced, “Do I really look like an elementary school kid, I want to be a woman”.

And talking about marriage, she said, “I thought of Sean and Jung HyeYeong as the ideal couple. My top life goal and dream is to get married and live like them. My ideal type of guy is one whose appearance is sweet but manly.”

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BEAST JunHyung and F.cuz Jinon are close friends

It has been known that F.cuz member Jinon and BEAST JunHyung are close friends.

The 2 of them have attended the same high school AhnYang Arts High, and have been close friends since they were in high school.

F.cuz is set to have their debut stage with the song ‘Jiggy’ on KBS Music Bank on 8th January. While BEAST will be performing their followup hit song ‘Mystery’ on Music Bank too.

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YounHa, down with pneumonia previously, discharged from hospital after 1 week

Singer YounHa, who is known to have collapsed from exhaustion on 1st January will be discharged from the hospital after being hospitalised for a week.

Even though YounHa is now recovered of pneumonia, she has not fully recovered of laryngitis. And YounHa has felt bad for not being able to carry out the promise to fans with the cancellation of her music show performance last week.

And it is known that YounHa will resume promotions with performance on KBS Music Bank on 8th January.

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